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  1. Well, it just happened again! I was writing just now to say that I had run sfc, and there's the blue screen again. Sfc wasn't able to fix all the corrupted files it found, and when I got on the internet, IE froze a couple of times on me, then the blue screen. I found the log so I can see which drivers couldn't be fixed, but what do I do with those?
  2. The blue screen just happened againg, this time I was ready for it, had pen and paper right nearby. The screen popped up while using internet explorer and the stop was STOP:0x00000018 (0x845C98C0, 0X87844A78, 0x00000002, 0x8e20F984) then right below it shows aswsp.sys-Address 8E20F984 base at 8E20B000, DateStamp 52deabac It's a little late right now but I will install the Blue Screen Viewer tomorrow.and see how it helps
  3. I am not very tech savy so I didn't think to write any of it down. I am in safe mode right now so I could get on the net, I will go back to normal and I am going to take note of everything, blue screen, trojan names, info from the logs of malware, avast, etc. Thanks for responding so quickly though, and I will post some of the info as soon as I can.
  4. I made the mistake of clicking to update Flash Player and had several trojans loaded to my comp. I was using AVG at the time, it found and deleted the trojans which would come back on restart. Then tried Malwarebytes which seemed to work until spending a little bit of time on Internet Explorer. It shuts down on me, showing me a blue screen that says Windows detected a problem and had to close to prevent damage. It also said that something was trying to write to my read-only-memory. Then I tried using Avast, then Superantispyware. Still keep getting the crash and the blue screen. Also, at random, different programs will freeze and I get the not responding message. Any ideas?
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