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  1. I had downloaded this program, as a result of other failed products. At the time I ran a complete system scan and had noticed that it had finished pretty quickly, also it had found a few cookies nothing to major. But I'm fixing my PC, so I ran it again. Presently, this scan has yet to finish over the past eight and a half hours it has been running. Additionally, it has been going through the "C:\WINDOWS\SYSWOW64\CONFIG-Ect~" for the past hour and a half. So in the hope that I could find some answers I came to the forums, I had UTFSE to no avail in finding any. Yes, I am using the latest version. I've searched through some of the blogs and have read the FAQ, and no I haven't had any other windows open "nor was I using the pc" until a little bit ago to figure out why this is taking 8+ hours when the first scan had only taken 15 minutes tops. Assuming that this gets read I would be greatly appreciative for any advice or a finger in the right direction.
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