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  1. Since yesterday BD doesn't start automatically anymore?......
  2. It arn't movies, just short videos or music videos. It would be too bad because of all the effort I did to install this one, and furder I like it.
  3. Ok, this is really annoying. I guess it's doing a complete scan again, and my internet almost freezes and I can't watch videos. I really don't like this and the fact I can't change the settings. If it wouldn't take long, well ok, but it does!
  4. Well indeed, I didn't have this problem anymore. Seems it's a good AV!
  5. I noticed that my internet slowed down when it did a scan at the evening. Is this normal?
  6. Well, it's already good no ads are popping-up like with avast!. Only thing I don't get is how I can change settings, because the interface is so small and there are only a few buttons?
  7. I have the impression that this TOR-network goes slower than FF and it uses more CPU, or is it just me?
  8. Had to do it a few times (rebooting system etc.), but it worked! Thanks! But now I see there's another one called "Windows Defender"? That's another one, right? Confusing... It wanted to do a scan on my computer. I first thought that this was the one. I guess it's automatically on every computer, because it's not on my softwarelist and it's from Windows? Do I need to make an account on BitDefender ot isn't that necessary?
  9. I don't know. I can't find it immediately (the download-file).
  10. At least it displayed the page this time. (Well, in English, in Dutch there isn't a free version.) It said that TOR couldn't display the file, but still I could click on download? I saved it in my sofware download-folder, but after that nothing happened? (I chose their own servers to download, because I was afraid on the other websites there would be PUP again.)
  11. It worked! So now I have to use this browser to go to the BD-page and try again?
  12. Ok then! (It's actually a good place for criminals... :/ )
  13. This is the warninglist: https://www.torproject.org/download/download-easy.html.en#warning
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