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  1. Thanks GuiltySpark for reassuring me and getting me calmed down , and thanks to the developers and everyone else at SAS for fixing this problem in a reasonably timely manner. Everything seems to be working OK now. I didn't have to reinstall or uninstall or jump through any hoops, so that's good. SAS seems to have fixed everything automatically/seamlessly so that it "just works" which is the way good software should be. Glitches happen, I understand that, I'm glad it's fixed now. Thanks again to everyone.
  2. Why does the SAS error window have a misspelled word? Has SAS itself been hijacked? My screenshot (attached, hopefully, if I can click the correct things here) shows "Defintions" - one letter is missing, it *should* be spelled "definitions" (other people's screenshots show this same wrong spelling). I did get the standalone updater to work (I think) because after running it, if I try to update SAS from within the program itself, now it tells me it's already up-to-date. BUT when I hover the mouse-cursor over the taskbar icon, it indicates it's 4 days out of date: "SUPERAntiSpyware 5.7.1018, Core: 11058 Trace: 8870 (02/20/2014)". AND the version numbers don't match - taskbar says 5.7.1018, whereas the program itself says "Version 5, 7, 0, 1018" - note the extra zero and the inconsistent commas instead of periods. I've heard for years that unexplained misspellings and inconsistencies can be a major red-flag indicator of malware of one sort or another. I thought SAS was a U.S. company, so it's not entirely unreasonable to expect standard English-language spelling of common words in the program's user-interface and error messages (although in years past I once saw a misspelled word in a Microsoft Windows error message, so maybe developers don't bother to check those things? Doesn't inspire confidence when they can't pay attention to detail though). I hope SAS itself or its servers haven't been compromised in some way. I'm running the Pro (paid subscription) version of SAS - my license is good for two computers, and both computers showed the same SAS error message.
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