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  1. The GUI update is working now and the database status is correct. The manual update still produces the database status error. When I saw your post, I tried the GUI update. It got to 50% then failed, tried again several times and failed with the red error. This is probably due to the poor quality of my internet connection. I downloaded the manual definitions and installed them : the definitions were up to date but the database status was wrong. I installed some outdated definitions (4th December 2013) and tried the GUI update again and it worked. Thanks and I hope a solution is found for the manual update problem. Timadam
  2. I still have the database status problem : definitions are "Up To Date" but the database status is "Updated 20 days ago" Hovering the mouse over the bug icon in the taskbar shows: SUPERAntiSpyware 5.7.1018 Core: 11058 Trace: 8870 (02/04/2014) Timadam
  3. Hi GuiltySpark, I have just restarted but the database status is still "updated 19 days ago". Everything else works properly so I will update manually until the bug is fixed. I also tried to update my HP desktop (Windows Xp SP3) using the GUI but the update failed. Thanks, Timadam
  4. Hi GuiltySpark, I downloaded the installer using the link you provided. The definitions are now up to date but the database status is still " updated 19 days ago". I hope this information will help you to resolve the problems. Timadam
  5. Hi, Are MD5 or SHA-1 checksums available to check the integrity of manual update definitions downloads ? Thanks, Timadam
  6. Hi, I have the same problem with updates. I could not update using the GUI last week and downloaded and installed the definitions manually. After running the installer, the "Database status" was incorrect and said "updated 8 days ago" but when I "checked for updates" , the definitions were up to date. I have the same problem today as you can see from the attached images. System: Windows 7 Pro, MSE, Superantispyware free edition, Thanks, Timadam
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