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  1. I believe I actually tried this as I clicked on everything in the folder to see if anything would run and it did not. It works now that I don't have the problem, but I am pretty sure it didn't work when I had the malware. I will try it next time it happens. But beyond this, is there an additional way? Thanks, FW
  2. Greetings, Is there another way to run SUPERAntiSpyware when running the program the regular way by clicking on the icon or opening the program via right click is blocked by malware? I recently had the Smart Guard malware and it made it so I couldn't run any program on my computer. I have since fixed the problem, but it would be great if there was some back door way or whatever to run SUPERAntiSpyware that malware can't stop if this happens to me again in the future. Thanks, Freewheeler
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