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  1. Well, I clicked the Help & Information and clicked the diagnostic report. It seems to have generated one, but I have no idea where it's stored on my 'puter. If you could let me know where it is, I could attach it and send it. Regards, Alan
  2. Yes, when I tried to attach the image to my message, it looked kind of funky in the preview, and when I clicked it after uploading the message, I got this error message: The documentation was unenlightening and I could not get the community admin contact form to work. Something's broken or I'm missing something. I did upload the image to a server I have access to, and so I'll try that instead of inserting it via vBulletin's attachment utility. I hope that's more enlightening. Regards, Alan
  3. I have SAS Pro running on my computer. When I ran Trend Micro's House Call, about half-way through, SAS popped up a warning saying that I had a trojan. Here is the screen shot: When I shut down SAS and run House Call, I don't get this. I also scanned with VIPRE, Malwarebytes, and SAS and got no warnings. Any ideas anyone?
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