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  1. Hi all, I'm working on a Microsoft 2008 server machine, and SAS keeps finding this same Trojan and can't seem to remove it. File name is ASHSVQV.DLL in the System32 folder, file size=160kb, attributes are RHSA, Date showing is 3/21/2009. I cannot manually remove the file, nor change the attributes. SAS is the only malware program that identifies this file so am wondering if it's a false positive???? SAS used to remove it, but it always came back within a short time. In windows explorer, I can right click and scan the file with SAS, and it says it's clean, but when running the scan on the entire computer, it always identifies it as the conficker thingy. ?? The last 3 times, it showed up on the next scan. Help! thanks, gary It will not let me attach the file... says no file was selected.
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