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  1. After I reopened Google I typed in SUPERAntiSpyware in the search box and then clicked on the link and it took me right to this page. I did not get the redirect popup. Did resetting to default remove the virus? As malicious as that one is It doesn't seem possible.
  2. the first time I ran it it did find some issues, but the last time I ran it it did not pick up the redirect virus. I can't find the log files. I am using Google Chrome. I just went into settings and reset to default. I tried to reply to your post from my Yahoo. mail but Google froze up. I had to close Goole and reopen it to get back to this forum and your post. I did not get the redirect when I reopened Google. I'll close it out again and reopen and see what happens.
  3. After I downloaded and installed Adobe Reader XI I started getting a popup with redirsvc.com on Google. I have MS Windows 7 Home Premium. I have gone into remove programs and removed every program I think might be causing it except Adobe Reader. I have gone into Google settings and made sure the settings are correct. I have run SAS several times and supposedly removed any viruses. But I still have it. A redirect popup sent me to a site that said they could help remove it but they wanted me to buy their software. I can't afford to buy anymore software right now. That is why I bought SUPERAntiSpyware in the first place. So, the question is, how do I remove it? Thank you.
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