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  1. Today my professional edition of superantispyware expired and as the topic says it say:Superantispyware expired professional licence.All of the real time protection and automatic updates are still working even though it says expired .does this mean that it will revert to free or do i have to uninstall this one and install the free version? Also a thing i could not find was:does the real-time protection protect you against email spam?

  2. After todays update when i scanned it found somewthing called Adware.AddLyrics/Variant in:


    All these programs I've been using for years and it's not untill this new update it came as potensial unwanted programs.I'Have scanned with both Awast and malwarebytes without finding anything so I'm wondering if this is falses positives or not.

  3. Hi when i scanned with superantispyware yesturday it said i had 4 trojans in asssassins creed black flagg,one the ubisoftuninstall.exe and two was the update.32.exe and the other one was update64.exe.Has anyone else experienced this?I deleted the trojans and rescanned and I found nothing after.It was called Trojan.agent/Gen.Bancos so I hope its a false positive.

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