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  1. If what you say is true regarding the Trojan.Agent/Gen-Graftor then why do I scan my computer with the Professional version and I get the same Trojan.Agent along with 20 viruses appearing? Does this mean the 20 stated viruses are embetted in my computer and can't be removed? I also get the same Malware appearing after I run a scan and delete the items in question. I just ran my Superantispyware Professional software and the same items came up. Should I be worried that these items are not being perminately removed? Examples: C:\ProgramFiles\CommonFile...\BDAV_LOCALIZATION.exe C:\ProgramFile...\Bdav-WIN8_CommonFilesfolder.exe C:\ProgramFile\CommonFilesFolder.EXE C:\Pro...\BDAV-WINVISTA-Win7-ProgramFiles Folder.exe C:\ProgramFiles\CommonF...\:LOCALIZATION-Safebox.exe
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