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  1. Thanks for your reply. I understand that 6.0.1260 is the lasted version and it was available for download from your website until a few days ago. Now when I download the installer I get version 6.0.1258. The home page, the download page, the download in progress page and the installer all say 6.0.1258
  2. Was just curious why the current version available for download has reverted to 6.0.1258. Is there a bug in version 6.0.1260? Should I uninstall 6.0.1260 and reinstall 6.0.1258? I'm running the free version on Windows 7 64-bit and haven't noticed any problems. Thanks.
  3. Until a few days ago the SAS installation file size was about 28MB, now it's 17MB. Is this because of file compression or is something missing? Thank you.
  4. Just updated SAS free edition from 5.6.1042 to 5.7.1016 (defs.10946/8758) on a Win XP-SP3 home edition (32 bit) and a Win 7 SP1 home premium (32 bit) via the product update notification above system tray. Both machines updated OK but neither one had the SUPERDelete file removal in the right-click context menu in Windows Explorer. I uninstalled SAS using the uninstall utility tool SASUNINST.exe on both machines and did a clean install of SAS free edition 5.7.1016 and now I do have the SUPERDelete file removal in the right-click context menu. May be a bug in the update process?
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