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  1. I see threads about definition update failed, but they are from yesterday. I jsut tried today 2/23 and it won't let me update, is this normal? or am i infected????? i use windows 8, and the free version, 5.7
  2. MWB has always scanned 350k files every full scan, now it scanning 292k. superantispyware is detecting 36k files, when it usually does 200k..norton is doing 224k, when it usually does 400k. all full scans
  3. oh ok, that eases my worries ill hold off on a scan though just in case until the new updates come out. i had another question though, let's say i had an older definition..idk the codes, but let's say 1092 lol. if i click 1092 on my home page where it says get more information, will it show that 1092 is the latest version, or will it show that 1093 is the latest and i should upgrade? idk if that makes sense, but im asking about the current version page. does it only show the version you clicked on wanting more info, or does it truly show the latest version.
  4. I am writing because i am concerned malware may be preventing me from updating the latest definitions? I have checked for updates the last 3 days, and it says im upto date. my current version is 10943..thanks
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