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  1. Thank you so much!! Definitely helped.
  2. Yes- are those not harmful?? I don't know much about this stuff. >.< Thank you for replying
  3. I downloaded SUPERAntiSpyware, and MalwareBytes about 3 days ago, when I accidentally downloaded a toolbar called "Conduit search" It was in my computer, so I deleted the file and changed my toolbar settings-- but it was still somehow popping up, so I downloaded these programs as suggested by the Firefox Website. Sure, that was fine, I scanned with both and found about 50 threats on each. Conduit was deleted also. I restarted each time, and SAS has been scanning every day since. So tell me- why would there be 100+ new threats everyday??? Also, I saw a forum suggesting to remove AVG. I have AVG, could it be interfering? What should I do?
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