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  1. UPDATE After a few more scans and reboots I decided to download the latest version of SUPERAntiSpyware and use the free proffessional trial version of it. I initiated a full scan and it found nothing while the older program still finds it over and over. Could this be one of those "false positives"? And is it really gone?
  2. Memory Items Scanned: 352 Detected: 0 Registry Items Scanned: 15687 Detected: 1 (Trojan.Agent/Gen) (x86) HKLM\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\RUN#23121121 File Items Scanned: 130,000+ Detected: 6 (adware) I've been a proud user of SUPERAntiSpyware(free, I have no way of paying for an upgrade) for a few years now and it's an awesome program mainly because it would find whatever my other AV's wouldn't find and it wold remove them with no problem...until now. Yesterday I initiated a scan with this program and it found a trojan. I thought it was not too big of a problem because it had removed about two trojans in the past, but this one won't leave. Every time the scan finishes and tells me to reboot it doesn't actually remove the virus. I know because trojans are rather scary so I scanned again and it was still there. I scanned and "removed" it about five more times and it is still there. PLEASE HELP AND THANKS IN ADVANCE.
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