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  1. I saw there was a new version listed on MajorGeeks website. I downloaded the new version from your website (Professional Download) I uninstalled the previous version with Revo Uninstaller. Like I always have in the past. I then rebooted. After reboot I installed the new version Pro. I was doing the setup and when I got to the Task Scheduler menu page, no tasks were available. No Scheduled Scanning option or Automatic Update option. The bottom right Scheduled Scanning, and Automatic Updates were set to Disable All for both categories was grayed out with no choice that could be changed. In Scanning and Program Preferences some menu items under General and Startup could not be changed. Same in the other menu's on that tabbed page (Scanning Control, Real Time Protection, and other tabs could not be changed). I don't know what caused these problems with the new version but it's very depressing to have to uninstall, reboot then reinstall then you find out the new version has problems. I tried this twice thinking I might have gotton a corrupted installer in the download, but both times resulted in the same issues. It really sucks to have to repeat the same process to place the older version that works back on the computer.
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