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  1. Wow, I know I am not by any means a computer genius, just an amateur who has to use my pc a lot, but I thought I could write a sentence that was fairly explanatory. Obviously not. I posted this question to a (support) ticket and in so doing, I was able to get a different link from him/her to solve my, very specific question of why the "purchased" SAS Pro program (not a trial version) could not be downloaded on my desktop PC. The link did the trick the first try and he did not ask any of the questions put forth in this forum. Thanks though, for attempting to understand my problem.
  2. No, when I uninstalled the trial period, I was directed to the SAS Website with a special for SAS Professional for $9.95. I ordered that on my debit card and has been taken out of Bank Account. My order ID is 600353693. I could not download the new program.
  3. On 12/5/2013 I uninstalled a trial version of SAS Professional as, trial was over. Purchased the same program the same day, however after several attempts, I have not been able to download the program. Any help would be appreciated. willisaw 12/9/2013
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