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  1. Thank you so much.Will try to follow your instructions!Regards!!!!
  2. Sorry,I am not savvy enough to be able to post malware full path,but I can give you examples of what these malwares(?)are: .ru4.com accounts.google.com .c.atdmt.com ad.yieldmanager.com doubleclick.net and on it goes,many coming up multiple times up to and under 70 each time.I hope this helps. Thanks for your attention to this!!!
  3. Thank you very much for your kind answer.The "stuff"that is usually removed by Superspwr.is usually adware and cookies.But they are the same that are quarantined and removed(allegedly)during the first quick scan,and also the second time a little later.Th second run is very slow and it seems to do the trick(I hope),because now I do a third and that comes out clean.I also have Malwarebytes on my computer,the PRO version(and Security Essentials),so I hope to believe that the "stuff'is not serious malware.Just to mention,I did get the paid-for version of Superantispyware,but did not like it at all,I believe it slowed my computer too much,so the Cd disc is there in my house in an unopened envelope and I deleted the paid version and downloaded the free version immediately-which is what I have been using for a few years,since I started to have a computer(2004).I do update all things on my computer,most times before Secunia tells me to-so I use the latest versions(exception Firefox browser).So,to sum up,the second quick scan shows the SAME adware that the first one showed as quaranteened an removed-this first scan is fast,as it usually proceeds,but seems to leave all there.
  4. Hi, In my recent experience,after running quick scans,I accidentally discovered(using free edition for years now),that practically all the "stuff"the scan picked up IS STILL THERE(even though it was supposed to be quarantined and removed). So now I keep repeating the scan(usually it takes 2 scans and the second time the "removal"is very slow,can take up to 15 minutes to remove about 60-70 items).This time the 3rd scan shows a clean computer(0 result).Why does this happen,and is this OK?Thanks for your attention to this in advance!
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