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  1. I also found Trojan.Agent/Gen-Stranform (48 items) in my Google Chrome Apps files. I had just downloaded the Chrome Desktop App launcher and 2 apps: WorkFlowy and exFM the day before (apprx 9/17). I became suspicious and started running scans because my A/V program, F-Secure, was turned off when I first booted up. Scans by F-Secure and MBAM (safe mode) did not detect it, only SAS. I deleted the files and uninstalled the apps. Since I had also downloaded the exact same Chrome apps onto my other computer I checked it, and F-Secure had been turned off and became disabled when I attempted to turn it on. This time the same procedure (nada with F-Secure and MBAM) came up with Trojan.Agent/Gen-Kazy (2 items). The name sounds familiar but I haven't checked it on Virus Total yet - 'was just about to. My point here is that I find it hard to believe that any code that attempts or succeeds in disabling your A/V program is a FP. It's usually the first thing malware tries to do. I just checked the forum on Kazy and most folks found it in their Google Earth files and it turned out to be a false positive. Does SAS have a problem with Google files? I was pretty surprised that neither F-Secure or Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware identified them. I guess I'd better see if my Google Earth still works. 'Still can't explain the problems with my a/v/ being turned off. though. I'm going to keep an open mind on this one.
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