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  1. Hm? So it is a false positive. I thought it was rather ironic that 5 days ago SAS did not detect and now it is being detected as malicious!!!! Does this mean that the SAS databse is "living" in the past? I understand that the database must be "flushed" to make room for new files, but once it is added to the exclusion list shouldn't it stay there so users don't quarantine those files that inevitable cause corruption in their installed software. Guess I better ask my OP if Google Earth was intentionally installed and if so, let him know that he may have to uninstall and reinstall unless their is an option to access quarantine and restore the file to it's original glory. Thanks for the replies. Very helpful. Donna
  2. Hello, I have a user that scanned with SAS and the scan targeted the following file: Trojan.Agent/Gen-Kazy C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\GOOGLE\GOOGLE EARTH\PLUGIN\IGEXPORTCOMMON.DLL Upon researching, I find that VirusTotal found the file as being legit on Sep. 16, 2013 then 5 daus later on Sep. 21, 2013 the file is being targeted as malicious. Can I safely assume this is a false positive? I'm quite sure it belongs to Google Earth plugin. Thank you, Donna
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