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  1. update: this is being called a Poweliks Infection, one of the easier ways to tell if you have it is to check what's running on Windows Task Manager, you will see some crazy stuff hogging your CPU. How to remove, thankfully that was pretty easy in the end, you need to go over to ESET and follow their easy instructions on how to download their ESET Poweliks Cleaner. I did that and it removed it. I ran MSE 2 times without finding any infection, also I see no strange activity in the Windows Task Manager. I will of course be keeping a close eye on this machine to make sure it doesn't come out of some dark corner and start all over again.
  2. how is it that this malware has been around for over a month and SAS Pro won't even pick it up, I am not saying remove it, just tell me its there?
  3. update, I have run MSE 4 times now, and it everytime this Trojan is back
  4. I have SAS Pro, for a couple days my computer kept crashing, ran several full scans with out finding this. Did hard drive, memory checks, checked windows, and finally ran a quick scan with Microsoft Security Essentials, and it found this ( Trojan:Win32/Powessere.A!reg ) . I had MSE remove it, but from what I have read, this thing can hide on your computer. What do I need to do, and why didn't SAS find it in the multiple scans I ran?
  5. I have done all the things they told me to do, it still stops during scan, help please
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