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  1. I just submitted a few of the files as false positives, in the report I included a list of the files that were flagged so hopefully that will do it for them. Not sure if I should submit all 48. I also did not have any files removed. I just exited the scan as I knew these were false positives.
  2. I also believe this is a false positive. I have run analysis on the files and cannot find anything malicious, here are some results of the analysis I performed: Analyzed the file with malwr cuckoo sandbox: https://malwr.com/analysis/NjNhYThmYjU3YzBmNGM2MjkyMTUzODk4ODc1M2FjZDc/ Analyzed the file with Anubis: http://anubis.iseclab.org/?action=result&task_id=17240977e61c6ae84654e7ba0c7b5be23&format=html Analyzed the file with Virus Total: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/713f7adf8bb529f865b830ee8699afb771e4aba5e3b82798638a436edbce5067/analysis/1379652797/ Virus total shows 2 detections, one from Superantispyware and one from BKAV. Though sandbox analysis shows there is no malicious/suspicious activity or attempted contact with a command and control. Additionally, within the strings of the file, all looks good, signed by verisign/symantec and google.
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