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  1. First, let me start by saying Im not computer savvy, My husband built all our computers in our house, he is hardware savvy, but limited software savvy. He knows how to reformat and can fix most viruses on his own, but this Trojan thing has got him stumped. I want him to be able to remove it without reformatting the computers, The kids computer has a Trojan Horse Generic33.CDJX on it and the other computer which is used for paying bills and the important stuff has a Trojan Horse Generic33.BIOP. I have Windows XP on both. I have been surfing the net on different forums and have AVG 2013 updated antivirus software that detects the Trojans but is not able to remove them. I get msg that says access denied when trying to have the AVG software remove it. AVG doesn't have any information on their website as to how to remove this Trojan. I then downloaded SuperAntiSpyware, but 1 hour and 28 min it didn't detect anything on my computer except for cookies. I went through steps to turn off system restore, I went to Task Manager - Processes - to try and remove trojans from there, but get msg "This is a critical system process -Task Manager can't end this process". I went to control panel - file folders- clicked to show all hidden files and unchecked Hide protected operating system files (recommended). Yet whenever I search for all files, the system tells me its not looking for hidden files even though I just opened up that access. I went into safe mode and tried to run the AVG & Super Anti Spyware and again AVG detected but couldn't remove and SuperAnti spyware didn't detect any threats. I have another computer other than those infected, Do I have any other ways to remove this thing or is my only option reformatting? HI, it looks like a figured it out. Not bad for someone who doesn't have a clue about computers. I downloaded an unlocker and was able to delete the Trojans. I ran another scan using my free AVG software and the Trojans gone. I would like to know why SuperAntiSpyware didn't detect the Trojans, though. Isn't that what this type of spyware is suppose to pick up, malware like Trojans?
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