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  1. I am using the free version. But yesterday I decided to download AVAST Internet security trial (cnet said it was the best and I am currently on an AVG 2013 trial) and asha something that is like ccleaner. Well, my computer started acting FUNNY, then kept shutting off and on, and now I cannot access windows. It comes to the start screen, but will not take me to the computer log in screen (I have windows 8 and my computer is brand new). So, tomorrow I have no choice but to take it in and have it fixed.
  2. Yesterday, I could not access the internet. Both Firefox and Internet Explorer would not connect. However, I was not getting the "cannot connect page", instead the browser would be in busy mode attempting to connect for hours. My internet connection was fine though, and my husband had perfect connection on his tablet. So, I decided to run AVG antivirus, Malaware, and Superantispyware (which is my fav). Everything came back clean, EXCEPT superantispyware would not complete the scan. It kept freezing and would not go beyond a certain point. I shut my computer down, and I tried to run superantispyware again (this time I could connect to the internet). It froze again! At the exact same spot! Does this mean I am infected??
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