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  1. I run SASpro automatically, full scan, every night. usually it reports clean. on a hunch I ran malwarebytes antimalware - and got ninety-two baddies - memory, registry and file hacks! (removed, of course. report available on request). here I have been sitting, fat, dumb and happy, in foolish confidence that SAS is automatically protecting me. But I began to see slower and slower response, until finally I suspected that SAS maybe only keeps out spies (but, as I discovered, not even all of them!). So I come again and again to the question: what testing is enough? (Is any?) How do we protect ourselves in the sea of malware we swim in? Is there ANY product - or combination of products - which will actually keep this stuff out? (Has anyone ever succeeded?) It would help, of course, if I could ask SuperAntiSpyware, but they don't want to talk to customers. too bad for us saps.
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