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  1. Yeah, I haven't gotten any pop-ups. I don't think it got to me, I mean, there isn't a file, the trojans are gone. I cleared the cookies, I used CCleaner like you told me to. You've been a really huge help to me, and I am sorry about bugging you constantly. I'll be back if anything happens!
  2. Yeah, but if it's not picking up anything, do I need to use the DDS? I was in Safe-Mode all last night and I couldn't find the file. Plus the trojans are gone and there's been no harm.
  3. When I was in safe-mode, I couldn't find the [randomname].exe file, but I also didn't enter the website, i clicked out of it because wot blocked it before it took me there. Do I still need to go back to safe-mode and look for it?
  4. The Trojans have disappered........ Still in safe mode and still havent found [Randomname].exe
  5. I'm still in safemode, I can't find "[RandomName].exe" Does that mean it's infected my computer and I can't find it, or does it mean I don't have it and I'm fine? Staying in safe-mode until your reply.
  6. The Trojan.Dropper/Win-NV came back again.. Should I file them as false reports, this is my 3rd scan and they came back.
  7. Can I get out of safe mode? You're a good moderator and I don't wanna get hacked or phished. Please help
  8. I believe that those were false, my Microsoft scanning tool just went through like 500k files or something and picked up nothing. Still haven't found anything involving random.exe files Havent found anything that contains seth.avazutracking.net
  9. I couldn't find anything, is my computer infected? i didn't see any randomname.exe's Only my malware bytes,SuperAntiSpyware,explorer.exe(I believe that is IE),18 Chrome.exe*32,taskmngr,and winlogon (system),ccleaner,avast,dllhost.
  10. CCleaner wants to keep my persistant logins on yahoo, is that safe?
  11. I got ghostery, already 3 on the website! I still wanna know about Palemoon, but I wanna know if it's all good to get out of safemood. seth.avazutracking.net popped up earlier today and I wanna know if it's safe to get out of it.
  12. Are they free for download? Can you download plug-ins on there?
  13. I was referring to how do I get people to stop tracking my cookies on google chrome?
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