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  1. OK, this fixed my problem...... 1.) Ran the dedicated 64-bit SUPERAntispyware uninstaller. 2.) Let the program reboot the computer. 3.) Used CCleaner to clean any un-used registry entities. 4.) Rebooted again. 5.) Installed SUPERAntispyware....and this time is installed and runs normally. Thanks for your help. Mike Doerner
  2. Hello, I have tried this. After scanning and removing all threats, and rebooting the computer, SUPERAntiSpyware.exe has been deleted again. Also, when I install SUPERAntiSpyware again, the installation stops 1/2 way through the installation script. All files are there except ANTISpyWare.exe. (As if it cannot execute SUPERAntiSpyware.exe because it's not there). I'm guessing I have a malicious registry entry or possibly an infected program running somewhere that is deleting this somehow. Any other information I can provide? Mike Doerner
  3. Howdy, I think I may have an infection of some sort here. I have a Win-7 64-bit workstation. I haven't been able to run SuperAntiSpyware recently, because the .exe file is missing. New install doesn't help, as it seems to be deleted as soon as it's installed. I recently copied a valid copy of the 64-bit SuperAntiSpyware.exe file and run a full scan. Other than browser spyware, it didn't find any major infections. Upon re-boot, SuperAntiSpyware.exe was missing again. Somebody doesn't like you guys very much, but I'm at a loss as to why the executable file keeps being deleted. I have also run the Internet based Tech version of SuperAntiSpyware.....and it found nothing as well. (Full Scan as well) I have also run MalwareBytes Full scan...it found nothing as well. So for all this Nothing going on, I don't understand why SUPERAntiSpyware.exe keeps being deleted. Help. Thanks in advance. Mike Doerner
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