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  1. I ran it twice yesterday and twice today and both times today it mentioned Trojan agents as well as tracking cookies. Now running a third time.
  2. Newby here. I have never managed to run the software without it finding viruses etc. Today I am going to simply see how many times I can run it in a day and if it will ever run without finding something. Can this be right or is it a ploy to make it look as though its doing some good?
  3. I ran it for 48 hours and it never stopped scanning so I stopped it - it didn't give an option to remove threats (114). I uninstalled and ran again in quickscan, it scanned and finished very quickly - minutes and removed threats. Then tried it in full scan and after 6 hrs found 112 and I stopped it but still no option to remove threats. Trying uninstalling and reinstalling again now, but not much hope.
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