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  1. Dear Friends: in the first place, scuse me the orthografic mistekes and sintax errors, I do not speak english I am a Sudamerican guy. Want talk something about Iminent: SASJoe: IMINENT yes it is a malicious software, after invader the computer, change plenty of my programs configuratios, is very dificult uninstaler with the panel Control because is achored in the registry with 235 entries, for my, the once form for uninstaller was go to Start >> Execute>> Regedit>> Edit>> search Iminent and delete one by one any register folder were are the word Iminent. four hours of work... I want suggest, may be, if all of we, sent a mail, to all the antiviruses and Malware makers, requesting that include IMINENT Software in the data base of viruses and Malwares... The Union Makes Streng. The addres of SUPERAntiSpyware do you know, also may be send a such mail to AVG Antiviruses email jamie@avg.com ; Malwarebytes Antimalware email: eay@cryptsoft.com... I have not the address of Karspersky yet. Best regards from Argentine Bahia Blanca City (White Bay for the salt in the coast) 38º.44' Lat South - 62º.16' Long West. George Lopez
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