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    Powerwalking , Sampling Malt Whiskies. Eating Well. Reading.
  1. Elpojohn

    IE 10

    This is what they wrote Elmer ,as you can see it does not support IE10 to date. Hi Ken, Unfortunately, you cannot revert back to IE9. No, you will not have to purchase a new SUPERAntiSpyware license -- when the change comes out supporting IE10, it will be included in the automatic update system for free. We apologize but we do not have a date for when IE10 cookie support will be implemented. Kind regards, SUPERAntiSpyware Customer
  2. Elpojohn

    IE 10

    Why does,nt Superantispyware work with my favourite browser IE 10 , If i,d known this i would not have purchased it. My computer updated from IE 9 to IE 10 . This is not fair at all , as I paid to use the superantispyware. When is going to be updated so it works.
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