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  1. Thanks I just did that Thanks I just tried that so it should work.
  2. I hope I fixed the problem. Under the options menu under application database updates I unchecked show program window while updating. Let's hope this does the trick.
  3. I have the paid version of Superantispyware and my question is every time the program downloads updates it causes a screen to show up telling me the program is updating, downloading updates etc.. If I am playing a game for example it will interrupt my game to tell me this. Is there a way to keep the updates coming but not the popups?
  4. I have a scan scheduled for Saturdays at 11 P.M. but Saturday mornings when I turn on my computer I get a message that says scheduled scan was missed. Shouldn't this happen Sunday and not Saturday if my scan was missed?
  5. Good question but I doubt it. So back to my original question why did task manager give an error when trying to schedule?
  6. So I woke up this morning and Superantispyware had run as scheduled and all it found were cookies. It was waiting for me to complete the job of cancel or delete cookies. My question now is I had told Superantispyware to shut down the computer when done and want to know why it did not?
  7. I am running Windows 10 home and Superantispyware 6.0.1216 lifetime professional I have not tried a full scan on my new computer yet but went to schedule a scan and did this: I want to schedule a full scan every Saturday at 9 o'clock so I went to Superantispyware and scheduled a scan. When I try to do this I get a popup that says windows task scheduler error unable to save task. The correct task is saved by Superantispyware, but I have a feeling that Windows task scheduler did not work. Is this because of administrative rights? How do I correct this?
  8. It seems to be working again so thanks for the tip.
  9. So my question is how do I configure it up to run on startup with default UAC?
  10. I have Windows 8 with the default permissions. I also have the paid version of SuperAntispyware. My question is when I start my computer and windows boots, SuperAntispyware does not show in the system tray. I have it set to run as administrator so how do I get it to start with Windows 8
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