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  1. It didn't brick. Nice. It seems to be checking for definition updates. Just taking a much much longer time.
  2. Ok. I'll try. Here's hoping my system doesn't brick it.
  3. Norton Security Suite, SAS are the only programs I have.
  4. Just one other one, I'd have to re-scan to get its name. Which will take awhile, but I'll do if it's info we need.
  5. Nevermind. I was completely wrong. I found what it removed, and now that I see what these files were for... its kind of puzzling to me. It removed a .exe for a game that I haven't played in months. A registry key for dell support center. Plus whatever the following is \REGISTRY\MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\"fymcfqauqv" I take it I should undo this?
  6. Apparently you have to manually save logs for this program. Which I didn't. So I'm SOL. The only information I can give you is somewhat vague. It was 3 files, and 2 of them were Skype files. I do recall that they were all .dll files.
  7. I swear I saw someone on this forum recommend NPE. I guess desperation brings stupidity. As for the files SAS detected, they go as follows. Trojan.Agent/Gen-Zbot C:\PROGRAM FILES\STEAM\BIN\LIBCEF.DLL C:\PROGRAM FILES\STEAM\BIN\LIBCEF.DLL C:\PROGRAM FILES\STEAM\BIN\ICUDT.DLL C:\PROGRAM FILES\STEAM\BIN\ICUDT.DLL
  8. Is it possible for me to go back to see what quarantined files I've restored in SAS? Same for the NPE? Because I can't remember.
  9. I've tried to system restore, with no luck. It says that no changes have been made on all of the dates I've tried. Also I've tried updating the definitions, and the program becomes locked by the system. What the hell did this update do to my computer?
  10. Apparently I downloaded the faulty definition update (Which was only live for eight minutes.) and it found some false positives in Steam. Which at the time I didn't realize were false. Because Steam has been acting up for me recently. So, I removed the two Trojans it found. Restarted my PC, and now something is eating up my CPU to the point were its almost unusable. What do I do? I ran Norton Power Eraser and it found three bad startup items. So I got rid of those, as well as restore the false positives, and something is still eating up my PC. I'm at a complete loss.
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