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  1. If its a Trojan you use what works - super anti spyware is the best in my book - but I actually run malware bytes also if one don't find it the other one will. so if spyware cannot tottaly remove a Trojan that is when I use power eraser before the file is in use and cant be removed. wake up - no Trojans I my computer now!!!!!! you said scareware - Norton is my virus protection and large companies use Norton so know what your talking about first.
  2. run anti spyware and also xxxxx xxxx xxxx Xxxxxx xxxxx xxxx will remove a Bad file that keeps the blackhole on your computer. 1. run SAS and download free xxxx xxxxx xxx its free and run - it will ask you to reboot. wait til you delete Gen blackhole in super antispyware then qlick reboot xxxxx xxxxx. 2 when it boots xxxxxxx xxxxx will find the bad fill and ask to delete - delete it Now super anti spyware will not find anything
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