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  1. *Sometimes* upon restart (mainly when computer has crashed from power outtages). SAS will sometimes launch with Scheduled updates and Scanning reset forcing me to reset them. What could be causing this
  2. So I just noticed today that SAS requires the browser to be closed before 'removing' cookies atleast on manual scan, it seems to no when on automatic and even then cookies no longer show up under quarantine like they have been until yesterday. Is this intended now?
  3. Glad to be of help. Looking forward to the update.
  4. Will try and remember, the screen is just the final window showing what was quarantined/removed waiting for me to hit finish (again simple extra click but gets annoying that I have to remember to go back and hit it when before it would auto do it itself)
  5. Yea its a scheduled scan, and I did check the option, and it still requires a prompt from me to finish.
  6. When ever I scanned before, SAS would automatically hits 'finish' once a scan is over and closes the window, however for the past few days it hangs on the 'items detected' window until I manually hit finish meaning I would have to remember to check for the scan to be done rather then let the program 'clean up after itself' and close.. Very small issue but sorta annoying.. anyone else getting this or know how to fix?
  7. Just wondering if this is 'normal' my SAS Premium just finished a scheduled scan and not 30 minutes later, starts one up again on its own. Is this normal or am I missing something here?
  8. I believe it updated last night, so everything detected was a FP? Including the 3 that were auto deleted?
  9. No problem. we've all been at that stage before. Now heres hoping for official response of some sort by morning.
  10. Well as I said, I am waiting on official support on the 3 I mentioned at the bottom at my report that the scanner auto deleted before I can send a report on anything. So I have quarantine intact so I can restore the 3 and the other 40 something 'trojans'.
  11. Yea in these cases dont auto delete it if you can help it.. Deleted Steam the first time and lost alot of DLC from one of my games I was unable to recover, from that point on I made it a point to check here every time a 'trojan' hits. So far everything was a false positive.
  12. Probably but did you have 3 files removed as well?
  13. It looks identical to mine.. given it a further chance its a FP.
  14. Looks like we are in the same boat and it IS a FP. I am just waiting on official confirmation since the Report Button failed to show up on this. (Probably since it auto removed the mentioned 3 and didnt give me a chance to stop it)
  15. Alright what about the 3 files I mentioned at the bottom?
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