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  1. SOLVED! Thanks to Don Fowler. As it turns out, Superantispyware had flagged qw.exe as a false positive and even though I removed qw.exe from quarantine and re-installed Quicken, apparently Superantispyware maintains a "hidden" list of quarantined files to be removed on start up. The solution was to completely uninstall and re-install Superantispyware to get rid of the "hidden' list. PS This was quite tricky to diagnose because within a few days of Superantispyware flagging qw.exe, the false positive had been corrected and future scans revealed no issues.
  2. GuiltySpark, Thanks for the reply but if I read the links correctly they refer to a Quicken website and I use Quick on the desktop.
  3. Recenlty, SAS quarantined Quicken (qw.exe) as a problem and I mistakenly deleted the file from quarantine. I have re-installed Quicken and SAS does not flag it as a problem any longer but every time I reboot my system the qw.exe file is deleted from the Quicken folder so I was wondering if SAS somehow continues to mark the file for deletion? Any ideas? Anyone else ever seen anything like this? Thanks for any info you can provide.