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  1. Ok I am a Noob and this is my first post But the following tools will get rid of just about anything on your system and they are free Macecraft Jv16 Powertools kite http://www.macecraft.com/powertools-lite-ex-2013/ Search Everything (get the beta) http://www.voidtools.com/ Jv16 will uninstall software, but use EVERYTHING to get a list of all the items with "Babylon" or "Babylon" Delete anything that is obvious, starting with folders (the list will update as you go) THen use JV16 to find the remnants ( if any) via the software removal tool. Then, even if Jv16 found and removed something, search the registry for leftovers. Look carefully then let it make a backup I get EVERYTHING out with this method, although I use Your Uninstaller rather than Revo first I hope that helps
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