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  1. No success. "I Want This" never shows up. Other suggestions? Thanks.
  2. Hi again, I removed Babylon Toolbar, cleaned the registry, ran a complete scan using SAS, then ran DDS.com again. "I Want This" did not go away. The new DDS.txt file is attached along with a snapshot of the first three Google Chrome extensions that shows "I Want This" is enabled and is shown to be a "managed extension" which cannot be removed (the "Enabled" button is dimmed and cannot be deselected). Further checking shows that only Chrome is infected and that "I Want This" does not impact FireFox or MS IE. I appreciate your help. Thanks. dds.txt
  3. Thanks. The DDS.txt file is attached. dds.txt
  4. I have recently seen strange popups in Chrome that I see are coming from an extension named "I Want This" which is enabled and dimmed with no way to delete it. I do not want this and wanted to remove it. I have been looking for an answer for a while and found Super Anti Spyware and hoped it would remove it. I have now run both the Quick Scan and Complete Scan and SAS did not find this pest. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.
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