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  1. thanks. i had to use both uninstall methods - the first one crashed immediately, but the second one worked. reinstalled and all is well. i appreciate your help
  2. it appears auto update wants to update to older versions of the program and definitions. actual program = 5.6.1014; db version 10294 - checking for updates from the program shows program and definitions up to date, then auto update pops up and... auto update wants to update to 09/25/2012 SAS scheduled task assistant, 09/25/2012 SAS application data; 09/25/2012 SAS alternate start; 09/25/2012 SAS uninstall when i selct "next" to install these, it attempts to download the first one, then the updater closes without downloading or installing anything. after each reboot, auto update pops up wanting to update to these same items & versions
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