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  1. oh ok thank you very much for the help and information.
  2. I just ran a scan and wasnt on my computer and had all browsers closed and it still did not ask me to restart my computer. And i dont think it removes anything unless it does a reboot. Please help.
  3. It just found some adaware tracking cookies and i do believe i was online while it was scanning I will let it do a scan without being on any browsers and see how it goes and get back to you.
  4. After i do a scan with my SAS, it does not ask for me to reboot my computer.... is that normal ? I remember it always asked me to reboot my computer. Anyway after i scan my computer and it dosent ask for me to reboot my computer i do anotehr scan right after and notice that it didnt remove anything all the stuff is still there that it found last time, I also delted it and reinstalled SAS but that didnt work is there anyway for me to fix this issues so i can scan my computer and remove all the stuff ? thanks.
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