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  1. It tells you in the description. Not checking Use Direct Disk Access will not allow SAS to bypass the Windows API and access the disk directly. Therefore files may hide from being scanned.
  2. It reads: Use Direct Disk Access "This option allows SUPERAntiSpyware to bypass the Windows API and access the disk directly so that no file can "hide" from being scanned. This currently works for NTFS volumes only". If I'm reading this correctly, this is a problem that really needs attention. Basically, this is a security hole and should be fixed. Soon !!!
  3. I was able to narrow it down to the "Use Direct Disk Access" option. I unchecked this and I am now able to scan my external drive. Thank you for your assistance on this. I really appreciate it. I have to ask though, what does "Use Direct Disk Access" do?
  4. Hello all, My SUPERAntiSpyware Pro crashes while scanning my external Seagate 3TB external drive. I have tried Low Boost, High Boost, Safe Mode (with no networking), uninstall / reinstall several times using both Add/Remove Programs and the SAS uninstall tool. It's a USB 3.0 drive plugged into a USB 3.0 port. I have also switched it to a USB 2.0 port but still crashing. Scanning the C:\ works just fine. It starts scanning the external for a minute or so and then it wants to send a report to SUPERAntiSpyware support. From there, it ask if I want to restart SUPERAntiSpyware. Either way, the app just closes after that. Any ideas folks? Thank you, Phantasm
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