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  1. No, it tells me they have lax procedures and allow their techs to push updates from home computers. They are just using "corporate policy" as an excuse to hide their ineptness in this matter.
  2. Still no reply explaining how this happened? No surprise there, I guess....
  3. ^^^^ You mean to say that you can't reveal to the public that one of your techs uploaded an infected update from his/her home computer... And once again, you fail to tell the whole truth. There wasn't a single AV that didn't flag that update as a threat.... But thanks for waiting 23 weeks before finally coming up with a total BS reply. Really give me confidence in support.com. I won't be reselling anymore...so long...
  4. 18 weeks and still no reply. Gonna keep this alive until someone from Support.com replies....
  5. 4 full months and not a peep from these guys. pretty much tells me that a tech did the update from an infected home computer. nice quality control!!!
  6. 10 weeks now and no reply about this issue. Support.com is just doing the Ostrich act... Not very impressive.....
  7. 8 weeks now, still not a peep....
  8. 7 weeks now. gonna keep bumping this thread still someone from SAS replies.
  9. LOL, another week and still no reply from SAS... I think that pretty much indicates it was an embarrassing human error.
  10. Over 5 weeks now and no answer? Michael G??
  11. 2 weeks and no reply? Must be one hell of an investigation....
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