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  1. UPDATE: after cleaning the PC, I restarted, then launched Steam... while Steam was updating the real time protection caught numerous processes with the same Trojan name ("Nekav"). The Steam update would keep restarting (I guess since components were missing via the blocks..). After watching the update/block/update/block cycle run a few laps, I canceled the Steam update. I have to assume that either Steam is getting malicious or this is indeed a false positive, right?
  2. I forgot to mention, I ran a search on "Trojan.Agent/Gen-Nekav", and the only result was: https://superantispyware.com/definitionupdatehistory.html?iDays=365 (the definition update history). Looks like this was just added to the latest database today? Database Version 10122 - 03-13-2013
  3. Hello, I've found a potential false positive (at least I sincerely hope!). I've recently purchase a new Alienware laptop, and the first website I visited was SUPERAntiSpyware to get the subscription/install. I've had the laptop for about a week now, and the only sites I've visited are MSN, Google, etc. nothing but reputable... I haven't clicked on anything in my email account (other than to activate/register this product). I've had nothing but clean, full scans until this morning when I turned on my computer, updated the spyware definitions and ran the daily complete scan: File threats detected : 1 Trojan.Agent/Gen-Nekav C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\STEAM\BIN\AVFORMAT-53.DLL Has anyone found this in their Steam folder also? Might this be a false positive?
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