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  1. I used the Free(d) Edition as previously posted here 25 Feb above. I've resolved the issue by following Microsoft suggestion to uninstall SAS software which I did. My Internet Explorer 8 has now retruned working again however, it appears that the malware(s) removed by SAS may have compromised one of my softwares, specifically instant messenger software as it has lost its sound. I would of course appreciate helpful advise on how to restore the sound or make it work again. Can Sammsoft.com 866-966-6254 assist me on this problem? Thank you. On a good note I successfully installed SuperAntiSpyware Pro yesterday and validated the program. I am now expectiing my paid copy of same in the event I need to reinstall without internet connection.
  2. No, I was finished running the full scan. What I did next was clicked "Upgrade" but didn't finish filling the order form and cancelled. It was at this point that I believe the browser started to lock. I of course eventually purchased your product (and additional backup disk) but have not installed it.
  3. Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) failed to open after a very lengthy wait when SAS was installed. No matter what I did, it was locked, until I went to SAS and clicked "Upgrade", where it opened IE 8 without any problem. It appeared to me that I could only use the browser if I go through SAS link. Finally I requested assistance from Microsoft Staff where I was advised me to uninstall SuperAntispyware which I did! then and only then did Internet Explorer 8 return to normal. I purchased SAS to clean up my laptop. I was impressed with it because of the many anti-malware softwares I had tried, SAS was the software that actually detected numerous tracking cookies -- the very reason I bought it. But because of it locking up the IE8 browser I've not installed the software as of present.
  4. I have the same problem. My browser internet explorer quit working when I used the Freed Edition. I uninstalled it to see if my browser will return to normal where and what it was -- an operable browswer with one click gets me online surfing. But it still isn't working now and would want assistance from SAS staff before I even think of downloading SuperAntiSpyware Pro I purchased online but have not downloaded as same might happen to my other browser Firefox.
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