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  1. that worked, great, thanks to you and GS for your help
  2. Disregard the above post, run as administrator is not checked, Start SAS when windows starts is checked as well as SAS icon in system tray. i will now restart to see if it works
  3. When I right click the icon there is no Properties to select.
  4. Gs, will they respond here or through email?
  5. What I really don't understand is SAS is not listed at all in msconfig or Ccleaner start up's.
  6. GS, It says "Show Icon and notifications"
  7. I have Real Time Protection enabled, however, everytime I start or restart my computer the icon does not appear in the task bar so I don't think SAS is starting, When I click the SAS Icon on my desktop the icon appears in the task bar .. SuperAntiSpyhware does not appear anywhere in msconfig or Ccleaner start up's. SAS seems to work fine except for this. Running win 7 with SAS version 5.6.1014 Pro.
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