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  1. And I've been practising my Aspergers routine just in case they come looking for all those alien files I lifted from the government, only to shoot myself in the foot and send it all to SAS.......
  2. Thanks, you've allayed my worries. Just thought I might have compromised my security by clicking that link. There again, if SAS was after your personal stuff, it could just grab whatever it wanted during any scan and phone home at any time............
  3. So, nothing personal from your machine other than SAS internal specifics? So if some idiot (ahem ) just clicks that link without being asked, then it is of no use if sent as there is nothing unique to identify that person!?
  4. I didn't have the option 'Start SuperAntiSpyware when Windows starts' enabled, therefore nothing was running in the background to stop (although !SASCORE is running under 'services'). Actually, I clicked the link again without a net connection to take a closer look at the process, and only reconnected to the Internet after shutting the program down. Will this have deleted any log generated? What does the log actually contain? And how is a user of the free edition identified? SAS also only has outgoing (client) access through my firewall, so is this enough to send a log file back to the SAS server?
  5. I was tinkering about in the program and in Preferences->Help there is a hyperlink at the bottom of the page entitled 'Click here to submit a diagnostic report if requested by customer service'. I had to click it to see what happens! A scan of my system appeared to take place, but before it could finish, I switched off wireless so nothing could be sent. My question is, would anything have been sent the next time I was connected to the Internet and SAS run? I've used SuperAntiSpyware for around 6 years, and trust it as one of the tools I use to secure my machines, but things like that worry me slightly! I'm using the free version by the way.
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