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  1. Thank you very much GuiltySpark I went on the site & used one of their fix it programs & IE is normal now. God bless you.
  2. I ran CCleaner but iy remained slow. Now I am using Firefox but I am used to IE & my favourite sites are on IE.
  3. I made a complete scan with SuperAntiSpyware to my computer & while doing it I surfed the internet with Windows internet explorer 8 but it was very slow so I thought it was because of the scan so I closed internet explorer.After the scan was complete I reopened internet explorer but it was still slow (about a minute to load a page) & it remained like that even after I turned off the computer & turned it on again.Internet Explorer becomes unresponsive during loading the page.SAS listed some 52 adwares so I removed them.Other internet browsers like firefox & google chrome run as usual they are not slow.I uninstalled SuperAntiSpyware but it still ran slow.What can I do to make windows internet explorer run fast as usual again?
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