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  1. WELL,Here it is almost 5 YEARS later and I still show this sucker on every scan.However I don't crash...SAS freezes on this for a few seconds while the other items keep scanning! I want to know why in the hell this keeps showing up on ever scan except a critical point!??? Yet I can never find the supposed "file" hidden or not! I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium and this sucker isn't even supposed to use the quick launch as was previously stated in this very thread!!! No I didn't use the auto updater I have to manually update definitions as I use the free version of SAS.But Now every time I go to update My definitions I get a pop up stating Update to a new version on ever one yet when I go to do so I show everything is up to date before OR after getting said definitions updated!!!
  2. Hey there Folks, I have been getting some of the same "Trojans" here the last few full scans as well! I thought the problem has been fixed. Why are they still showing up then?My AVAST seems to be running fine even after deleting from quarentine,However I had one hell of a time getting connected to the web last night,tried for 7 hours,was about to give up when I tried one more restart and poof it connected like nothing was ever wrong! I have no idea what caused this as I had 5 bars and could not connect,I am using a friends router,I came Home and tried the last restart and connected with only 2 bars...what a joke Ran a full scan after getting the latest updates and another showed up this afternoon!!!WTF is up???SAS said the problem is fixed!!! :/
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