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    We have more than 15 years Experience including 5 years with Dell Tech. We have Repaired, Provided, Installed PC Systems for over 15 years.We want to put our Great I.T. knowledge to use so everyone can take advantage of our Outstanding Service and Support. We strive for Excellence in our continuing pursuit. Bringing you the Outstanding Service & Support . SKC Tech Support has been know to provide for all our Clients.
  1. Your Welcome ! SAS wil fix it. This is just a work around til they figure it out.
  2. Yes then when you remove items it won't remove those with no check mark
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jxeqimsbatm7y4f/SAS%20issue.png Uncheck these its a work around
  4. https://www.dropbox....SAS%20issue.png Uncheck these I noticed it about the time i said it i was in process of scanning when i posted
  5. Sam Update SAS they fixed the issue with Avast! .
  6. Not nessary just wait for a update for SAS just disable SAS til they get a fix
  7. Have you attempted to do a system restore. This very well could Fix your issues . The link below tells you how to do it. If you don't know how. http://pcsupport.about.com/od/fixtheproblem/ht/system-restore-windows-7.htm
  8. Beware At the moment SAS is detecting Avast as a Trojain Hoping they will fix it quickly. Before I have to many Customers call in saying that Avast isn't working Due to SAS Removing it .
  9. Easiest way to Fix this if you allowed SAS to Remove what it wants. Uninstall Avast and Reinstall Avast . Obviously Avast isn't a threat. 1 of SAS Updates wasn't tested very well which now we have this issue.
  10. Nothing is wrong with Avast! SAS is detecting Virus defenitions. SAS dropped the ball this time Sam. Avast is Safe to Reinstall SAS will fix their update and everything will play nice again.
  11. I have Alot of Customers that are having this issue and I have to stand behind it without pay Because i Recommend SAS and Avast I Can't have 2 Programs I Recommend Disabling each other.
  12. Sam these are False Possitives and shoud not be Removed. Its always good practice to look at what it wants to Remove before you Remove them. Easiest way to fix this is to Uninstall Avast and Reinstall it. I have been getting the same issues my customers have been calling me all morning due to this issue. Plz fix this I Recommend this Product and Avast to all my costumers . I can't have SAS or AVAST fighting and disabling each other This not only henders my customers but also hurts my Reputation Seeing that i Recommend It to all my customers . Seeing that I reconmend the product to them I have to back it so this will be a day of no pay. Seeing that I will be ReInstalling Avast on several Computers that I Service.
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