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  1. Thanks, I understand that I will always have cookies, but it seems lately that the number of them have been larger than usual. What does the real time protection do for me if it doesn't stop them from re-creating without me going the the web site?
  2. In trying to keep my computers running at their best, I purchased the Pro version so I could schedule scans which run daily. I've noticed though at the office and on my home laptop that every day there are hundreds detected and supposedly removed daily. yesterday I ran a quick scan on my office computer and it found 301. Four hours later I ran a complete scan it found 299! Although the computer was only on for another hour and then shut down for the night, the Quick scan this morning found ANOTHER 300. So what's the deal? Is this not cleaning them. I have XP pro at the office, but Windows 7 at home but even that one will find 150 or so every morning and it's only in use for the evening hours. Anyone have any insight, tips or suggestions? It seems like I'm constantly fighting a losing battle! Thanks, Steve
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