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  1. Thanks a million GuilytSpark !!! I need to take a computer class .
  2. # 1 http://i1049.photobucket.com/albums/s395/cow10r/screenshot1_zps133f2548.png # 2 http://i1049.photobucket.com/albums/s395/cow10r/screenshot2_zps2383b6e5.png # 3 http://i1049.photobucket.com/albums/s395/cow10r/screenshot3_zpsf5a1b71b.png # 4 http://i1049.photobucket.com/albums/s395/cow10r/screenshot4_zpsc9b15fe5.png # 5 http://i1049.photobucket.com/albums/s395/cow10r/screenshot5_zps05bcfd8d.png
  3. I tried posting a screen shot but this keeps popping up. Tried reducing size too. Will photobucket work ? ''Error The server returned an error during upload ''
  4. Can i actually delete some thing my laptop needs ?
  5. I'm not computer smart. I ran the scan and it found quite a few things but most of them have ''tool bar'', ''Toshiba'', ''Microsoft'', or ''windows'' in them. Do i delete them ? Allow them ? Can i actually delete some thing my laptop needs ? Can i send the scan to SAS and they tell me what to remove ? Thanks and sorry for all the questions .
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